The pace of her walk increased with each step, the fears of vulnerability fuelling the rapid acceleration. The scene was nothing unusual, a swarm of white and green uniformity, with specks of colour provided by the bags. she could have been just one of the many others who were woken up by the annoying shrill […]

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The Setting Sun

It took four minutes for the trifling argument to transform itself into a fuming, all-consuming fight. Oh how they screamed at one another, letting out anguish that had been welling up since the sun had set, allowing the sly darkness to guilefully take over. Just a few hours ago she had been dressing her little […]

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The Kids Aren’t Alright~Part 2

(for Part 1: click here) I wasn’t a part of this wild dance party though. I preferred sitting by the window, my “best friend” beside me. That term, to me, always seems like a gross understatement; alas, my limited vocabulary renders me no other such word to encapsulate the essence of our relationship. It was […]

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The Kids Aren’t Alright~Part1

(I usually don’t do essays in parts, but this seemed to long to post in one go) School picnics have always been such an integral part of my year, even at the age of sixteen. Nowhere near fancy or expensive, rather, ridiculously cheap; yet, I never wished them to end. Last year had been a […]

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Since I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with my life, here’s a new blog that I created: Feel free to check it out! SimplyStuff

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And The Days Fly By

Haha, clearly I’m very committed to this blogging. Nope. I know. Who knows what’s Monday or Sunday anymore. I sure don’t. Time-space continuum makes no sense anymore. Well, to be fair, it never did. The strange thing is, I actually feel like I’ve got my life in order. Yes, the chaos in the outside world […]

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A conflict of logic and love, mind and heart More often than not ends in regret and longing. Circumstances compel us to choose, Yet at times, what’s supposedly beneficial Isn’t what we discreetly desire. Perhaps just passion doesn’t suffice To cling onto something for perpetuity.

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One would have never appreciated The exquisite beauty a butterfly possessed Had it not dared to muster up the courage To break free from its cocoon.

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I’m nothing but a part of you Yet there’s no chemistry. Arguments arise everyday Creating rifts in our story. They say opposites attract But I guess they lied to me. One simply cannot find melody Where there is no symmetry.

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