My Very Own Treacherous Thoughts..

Self esteem is the most fragile attribute in human nature. It can be damaged by very minor incidents and its reconstruction is the toughest part. There are numerous activities that I’ve given up on, due to the crippling fear of rejection and embarrassment. It’s often not what you are that holds you back, rather it’s […]

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Honestly, it’s been around 2 weeks since I’ve started blogging, and I had to stop due to exams. Today, however, I decided to check on some blogs when I saw this notification. Thank you so much to Ananya Studios. I would highly recommend her blog, it’s got amazing content for her readers! About the awards: […]


The Bitter-sweet Distraction

Daydreams are more than just short bursts of happiness that only our minds can see… A quick and easy way to neglect responsibilities and troubles for a moment, daydreaming is equivalent to a cup of warm and soothing tea amidst the biting cold. It provides the relief one so desperately needs and helps infuse the […]

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