Once and Now.

The books once loved

Now covered in dust

Unopened, unexplored


The reader once eager

Now lays as hours pass

Oblivious to the surroundings


The mind once inquisitive

Now doesn’t speak

Slipping in and out of reality


The eyes once bright

Now devoid of their charm

Love for words forgotten


43 thoughts on “Once and Now.

      1. proving questions, then different relations like sin/cos/tan(-θ), sin/cos/tan(2π-θ) and others, then using unit circles, then sin/cos/tan graphs, then sin/cos/tan (A+B) and sin/cos/tan(A-B), then sin/cos/tan(2A) and (3A) and more but then this comment becomes too long😂


      1. I know what you mean… Mine are in a tote, because I had a few suffer water damage when our basement flooded. No room for them anywhere else, but I might have to dig out a few. 😛

        And it was a great read. 🙂


  1. Hi Kriti, this is deep, real deep. A few sentences but very strong emotions.. l so loved it. Hope you are doing good, keep doing you. – Cezane

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