The Kids Aren’t Alright~Part 2

(for Part 1: click here)

I wasn’t a part of this wild dance party though. I preferred sitting by the window, my “best friend” beside me. That term, to me, always seems like a gross understatement; alas, my limited vocabulary renders me no other such word to encapsulate the essence of our relationship. It was such a cliche; the sun hitting our faces and the wind making our hair fly in a very unflattering manner. We couldn’t care less. She pulled out her earplugs and handed one end to me as “The Kids Aren’t Alright” played on repeat. Not a single word escaped our lips, which was so unusual, since we were as wild as our classmates, if not more. Yet, silence had never felt so comfortable.

I can only describe the song as relatable, for though it may seem upbeat initially, it hesitantly opens up as one gradually understands the lyrics, and the wistful undertones emerge, unveiling the true emotions.  “And in the end, I’ll do it all again, i think you’re my best friend”. It was our favourite line, I remember us writing it on every birthday card we made for each other. 


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