The Kids Aren’t Alright~ Part 3

(part 1: here part 2:here)

The day ended sooner than we thought. It was time to go back and face the devils. There we were, once again in the bus, the song on repeat; we never got tired of it. It wasn’t the same though; we were chatting about something I cannot recall. 

That night we promised to go out once again after the exams; a warm light at the end of a dark dismal tunnel. I could never keep that promise though; I soon found myself disappearing into thin air, quite literally. Abandoning my exams, I was flying towards unfamiliar cold lands, 550 miles per hour. I sat beside the window, this time by myself, playing the song on repeat for the majority of the journey. 

“I’ll be yours, when it rains it pours, stay thirsty like before.” No matter how bad the situation gets, never get tired of this, never get tired of “us”.


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