A Pretty Little Pony

A pretty little pony worked a lot, until her tummy rumbled The mistress denied right away, “she’s one pretty pony”, she said, “And pretty shall she remain.” A carrot and some hay never satiated her hunger, alas, one could never disregard the mistress. Out came the sun, and a new day And the pretty little […]


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It’s been a year of big changes apparently. I did put in a lot of efforts this year, since our school was kind enough to give us lesser time than usual to study and our teachers were helpful TO THE LEAST. Unfortunately so, I didn’t give my final exams, because, we shifted to Scotland. Big […]

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For me, the timing of starting a certain task or activity is very important. There are some people, who don’t really believe in things like “new year, new you” and that’s completely fine, but for me, beginnings of time periods are absolutely essential to begin my work. And I’m pretty serious, I don’t even start […]

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I’m so genuinely sorry that I haven’t been able to post regularly, interact with anyone properly or read your posts! The thing is that this month is FULL OF TESTS. I’ve got a test almost every other day and in every subject, so I don’t think I’ll be able to include WordPress activities in my […]

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Take me away Relieve me from this curse From continually staring into oblivion I’m just so tired of always being dismal Just give me a chance, A chance to start all over again.

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Sweet 16 eh?

Happiest birthday to a person who’s become such an important part of my life, and who’s been there for me during the most stressful times in the last two years. So go ahead, treat this as a new opportunity, a new beginning, enjoy life with your BTS fandom and math and physics and writings, DON’T […]

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(another silly post, don’t bother reading if busy😛) I love reading poems, be it here on WordPress or books, and the one thing I absolutely love are the figures of speech, especially metaphors and similes. The fact that poets can write something but not literally mean it, and use their words to indicate towards a […]

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Oh this friction between us The heat, setting our world on fire. Can you sense my misery When you don’t talk to me? Your edges cut through me Creating permanent scars. These temporary bandages Of short-lived reconciliations Don’t seem to work anymore. My sanity and emotions escape on these tears Leaving behind a hollow shell. […]

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Liebster Award

I’m so grateful to Priya to have considered me worth for this Liebster Award nomination. Priya is a beautiful person with an equally beautiful personality! You can check her out here! Rules : Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you Share 11 facts about yourself Answer the 11 questions the blogger gave to you Nominate 11 […]

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An Aim.

“Keep working hard” But for what? In this world full of competition I am without an aim. It’s survival of the fittest And here I am, unprepared. Who am I? What do I want? I ask myself everyday Alas, It seems as if the answers are as lost as I am.

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